Capacity Building Programme

FOMEN's Capacity-Building Programme is aimed at professionals working in the field of migration, gender-based violence prevention and gender & masculinities. Similar to the Education Programme, the Capacity-Building Programme will be offered in each partner country in numerous languages and will include the following modules:

Gender & Masculinity

This module focuses on masculinities, male and female stereotypes, expectations surrounding gender, consent and LGBTIQ* identities and issues. Using interactive methods, participants will be invited to challenge their own reflections about gender, stereotypes and related expectations.

Violence & Gender

By the end of this module, participants should have a raised awareness about different forms of violence and behaviours that describe them, as well as the consequences for victims, perpetrators, children and wider society. Additionally, the module offers a chance to reflect on one's own relation to gender-based violence and discuss accountability.

The influence of (social) media and policies

Using interactive methods at the start and end of the training, this module will focus on the topics of fake news, propaganda and information disorder in order to understand how much participants know about these topics.

Cultural Sensitivity & Anti-Racism

This module invites participants to do necessary work to critically challenge and dismantle different gender, cultural and racial biases. By the end of the module, participants will also have reflected on discrimination, power dynamics and their own responses and reactions.

(Body) Language

With a focus on (body)language, power, boundaries and discrimination, this module aims to get participants talking about different methods and types of communication. Additionally, this module should get participants reflecting on good communication and how it can be improved.

Violence Prevention

This module creates space for a critical reflection on the process of "being a (real) man", and the emotion of anger, as well as shining a light on violence and its invisibility as boys grow into men. Throughout the module, participants will discuss the relationship of performance of, or adherance to, traditional masculinity and how this feeds into violence.


The final module of the Capacity Building Programme focuses on self-care, coping strategies and mental health. Participants are invited to discuss their experiences with stress and setbacks in their field of work and are invited to reflect on strategies to feel better and re-energise.

Each partner will be conducting trainings for the Capacity-Building programme in their country. If you are interested in taking part, please reach out to the national FOMEN contact

Last changed: 29.04.2024